How much does it cost to use The Kurating Shop?

The platform is FREE. No monthly fees or sign up costs. We charge you nothing to list or sell your works. However, we can only collect payments because we use Paystack (an online payments processing tool) which comes with a fee. This is a breakdown of how Paystack charges:

For Local Transactions
1.5% + NGN 100
₦100 fee waived for transactions under ₦2500
Local transactions fees are capped at ₦2000, meaning that’s the absolute maximum you’ll ever pay in fees per transaction
For International Transactions
3.9% + NGN 100
Get paid by your customers from all over the world
International cards are charged and settled in Naira by default, but you can also choose to get settled in USD.

There is also a NGN 100 charge for payout. Payout refers to when we have to send you money for items sold on the shop.

Can I make my buyers pay these fees instead?

Yes, just include it in the cost price of the product you are listening.

How do I get my money after my work has been sold?

When a buyer acknowledges that they have gotten your work in good condition, we will send your money within three working days to the bank account you provided upon signup.